About Us

Burlington Insurance is an agency positioned to offer you multiple lines of personal and business insurance products. With our many partner companies, we provide our clients with the Protection you need, the Value you deserve, and the Service you expect. We have a detail-oriented staff that is dedicated to saving you time and money.

Priority One

Service is the top priority of our agency. We work hard to find our clients the right protection at competitive rates. But our service doesn't end there! We return phone calls, research your questions, and are sensitive to deadlines that you may have. We truly care about your needs, and strive to remain your agent of choice for our region.


Insurance is often a complicated matter that warrants personal attention from a trained, licensed agent. However, with advances in the internet, commercial advertising is bombarding consumers with the message to buy online. The internet is a wonderful tool that we utilize in helping our clients choose affordable insurance protection. But there is no need for you to put your most valuable assets in the hands of a computer, or a person you will never speak with twice. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone you can pick up the phone and call, or email for advice as often as you need. Make us your local, professional insurance agency, and let us do the work for you to help you make an informed choice of coverage, rates and insurance carrier.

" Let our experienced staff help you make an informed choice of coverage, rates and insurance carrier. "
Bill Bodette, CIC